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Justin VanHoy owner of Black Copper

Black Copper is a woodworking company located in the Appalachian Highlands, on the border of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. We specialize in designing and building custom furniture with reclaimed wood. Desks and coffee tables are just the start. We also create everything from countertops to smaller items such as hand turned bowls and serving boards. If desired, we also work with epoxy and use it to magnify the  natural beauty and figure of the wood.


As a member of the Urban Wood Network which works to spread the word and promote the use of reclaimed trees, we work with rescued woods such as olivewood and redwoods rescued from California fires in the 1600’s. We source our woods responsibly and turn rescued trees into heirloom pieces which can be preserved throughout generations. Most of our woods start as live edge slabs which allows you to choose if you want to keep the live edge for a more unique piece or have all straight cut edges for an elegant, clean look. We also work with other local craftsmen to create custom table legs for those pieces designed to impress.

Custom restaurant dining table by Black Copper
Detailed view of a burl wood coffee table live edge.
A matching dinning table and coffee table set by Black Copper
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