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Diagonal Bastogne Walnut Dining Table

Sold for $15,000

This dining table is made from Californian Bastogne Walnut and a dark smokey grey epoxy resin. The base of this table is a custom ordered powder coated steel including the perfect feet levelers and felt pads. Bastogne is the perfect wood whether you're enjoying the up close figure and color or looking at the contrasting lines from all the way across the room!
Dimensions: 42 x 120 x 2"

Highlighted Features

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Curly Bastogne Walnut

The most durable species of walnut found in the United States perfect for tables and bar tops.

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Epoxy accentuates the natural shape and beauty of the wood while providing a finished, level surface.

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Custom Legs

Custom designed table legs by Black Copper.

Project Gallery

Kitchen island wooden countertop by Black Copper

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