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Juan Siao Restaurant

Sold for $600

The tables in Juan Siao are built from Sapele, African Cherry, Monkeypod, and Jobillo. The restaurant consists of large live edge tables, 30x48", 25x48", and 36x36". These different sizes were all chosen to accommodate the unique floorplan and the deferent types of furniture chose to help this restaurant pop! Black Copper Woodworking can build tables to any specific size and shape to accommodate your preferred seating arrangement.

Highlighted Features

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A radish-brown hardwood predominantly from West Africa.

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Live Edge

The natural edge of the wood is preserved and used in place of a clean cut.

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Khaya Wood

A hardwood species from West Africa. Also known as African Mahogany.

Project Gallery

Kitchen island wooden countertop by Black Copper

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We craft one-of-a-kind furniture with exotic woods for residential and commercial locations. 

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