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Stunning Live Edge Claro Walnut Dining Table

Sold for 9,000

Claro Walnut is one of my top five wood species for dining tables! this stunning table was the perfect example what a live edge table can be. it is rare to find slabs with a live edge width and length to match the clients needs in such a beautiful display. The live edge has so much movement and shape without having any part too funky. The color range in this piece goes from many shades of brown all the way to it's popping tan patches which really allows this piece to stand out even from across the room. To top it all off, this slab has tightly packed figure which will leave you appreciating nature every time you take a look at your table!

Highlighted Features

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Claro Walnut

A variant of walnut known for it’s dark coloration with contrasting golden accents.

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Rescued Wood

This wood was rescued from the remains of a forest fire.

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Custom Legs

Custom designed table legs by Black Copper.

Project Gallery

Kitchen island wooden countertop by Black Copper

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