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Wide Claro Walnut Dining Table

Sold for $8000

For this dining table we needed a slab large enough to hold tasty dinners and long nights of gaming with friends and family! Finding the perfect slab for my client is always a difficult portion of the job and in this case we we able to source a slab that was wide enough for the plan and still short enough to not cause too much waste! A durable spray finish is being used here to help avoid any scratching during the fun game nights!

It's not too often that I am able to order such beautiful and ornate custom bases for clients and this base really sends the table over the top! the beautiful shape and cutting edges really provides a strong look for the over all appearance!

Highlighted Features

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Claro Walnut

A variant of walnut known for it’s dark coloration with contrasting golden accents.

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Custom Legs

Premium steel table legs.

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Epoxy accentuates the natural shape and beauty of the wood while providing a finished, level surface.

Project Gallery

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